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The project is based on the idea of immersing oneself into a seemingly static environment and discovering its subtle changes and rhythms. As visitors step onto the dusty ground of the Joshua Tree National Park in California, the project begins to unfold and reveal a mesmerizing interplay of light and shadows. From sunrise to sunset, the shack’s mirror bands reflect light across the desert landscape and blur the line between architecture and nature. The ethereal quality of the mirrors is in contrast with the splintering wood siding-a combination that creates an amalgam of dreamlike landscapes and materiality of buildings.

At night, the LED-lit doors and windows of the shack start to emanate different colors at a pace slow enough to confuse the observer. By introducing a gradual change in color, the artist forces visitors to question their perception. At one point the windows and doors look blue, yellow and red, but by the time one walks ten feet away, the colors change and establish a new environment. One’s entire way of looking aligns itself to the changes in the surroundings and forces the observer to slow down and take in the desert’s hidden complexity.

+ Phillip K. Smith III

Via Bustler, Archinect

Photos by Steve King Architectural Imaging