The Birth of Marilyn is a wavy felt lamp shade inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s famous wind-blown dress. Danish design duo Iskos Berlin made the lamp without the use of any glue or resin. Using a process called thermoforming, the designers create sensual shapes that look like they’re floating in mid air. The Birth of Marilyn enticed the curiosity of those visiting this year’s Milan Design Week.

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Inspired by new production technologies and material properties of felt, the designers at Iskos Berlin set out to explore ways of developing products with minimal waste. Through a process of experimentation with molding natural materials, they created an entire array of wavylampshades that look like they were torn from Marilyn Monroe’s iconic wind-blown dress. Their dynamic shape and sensual playfulness evoke a feeling of lightness, and devoid of structural support, they function as their own structure.

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The lamp, along with works by other emerging Danish designers, was displayed at Mindcraft, an exhibit of up-and-coming Danish design coinciding with Milan’s international design fair.

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Lead image by MINDCRAFT