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BioCasa_82 is one of the few private residences in the world to have privately conducted carbon footprint analysis with great results. Built for Diadora CEO, Enrico Moretti Polegato and his wife Claudia, the house reaches levels of sustainability rarely seen in residential architecture. With 117 points out of 136, according to the American protocol LEED Platinum, and 10 out of 11 points in regards to innovation in design, the building is a real gem in the European building practice.

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Thanks to the “Welldom Method” (a unique construction process developed by Giovanni Fabris, founder of Welldom), the house provides maximum comfort while deploying state-of-the-art sustainable technologies. According to the carbon footprint analysis, BioCasa_82 yields 60% less emissions than traditional buildings. Its photovoltaic system produces around 14kWh/mq of electricity, and a high-efficiency geothermal plant provides heat, hot water and cooling. These strategies are complemented by a rainwater harvesting system.

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During the construction process, Welldom used eco-friendly, recyclable materials and employed local products whenever possible. Although the focus of the design was placed on its energy-efficient performance, the interiors were designed with equal dedication and a detail-oriented approach. Famous products such the Eames Lounge chair and Moroso sofas provide a stylish and comfortable atmosphere in the living room, while the sleeping area sports an original white leather armchair by Modular and a huge yellow marble bathtub.

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Photos by Marco Zanta