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Henning Larsen, Bernst Have, Denmark, green design, eco-design, sustainable design, green roof, daylighting, minimalist, climate zone, heat recovery, integrated energy design, solar gain

Decidedly minimalist, Henning Larsen chose glass and wood for the Bernts Have day care center commissioned by the municipality of Holbæk. The tall glass windows invite light deep into the building and are double glazed to minimize heat radiation. Tucked into the side of the hill, the green roof keeps the center both warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The climate zones that control temperatures to ensure children can play year round are naturally ventilated, while playrooms and offices have recovery ventilation that help with the building’s overall energy efficiency. Showing the firm’s signature sensitivity to the needs of its clients, including patients at the Herlev hospital, Henning Larsen has incorporated a little garden surrounded by green spaces and fruit trees to facilitate learning in a natural environment. Unlike fluorescent-lit alternatives, this day care center gets small children thinking green from the start.

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