Architecture firm J Mayer H just won an award for their Quartier M adaptive reuse project, which will transform an old post office in Dusseldorf, Germany into a busy urban center. The new space-age development will connect the Hauptbahnof train station with the Tanzhaus NRW cultural institution, and it will house retail space, offices, and residences beneath a lush green roof.

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J Mayer H‘s Quartier M urban planning concept was one of two winners, which underwent three levels of judging.  The design was chosen due to its open, airy design, access to plentiful sunlight, and innovative shape which will stretch across three existing blocks in Dussledorf’s Quartier M. The center of the project features an asymmetrical tower that rises and descends on each side in two arms which wrap around the property.

Skylights fill each sector of the building with light, while greenery grows on the lower sections of the complex, providing insulation and naturally filtering rainwater. Quartier M will house a series of offices as well as a hip hotel, which will mimic the ultra modern urban design of the property. The site will also feature privately financed and government subsidized public housing as well as a daycare center for residents and employees of the new area.

The innovative complex will transform the underused neighborhood from a post office hub to a cutting edge cultural and residential neighborhood that is easily accessible by the nearby Hauptbahnof station. The redesign is currently scheduled to break ground sometime in late 2014.

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