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The project, named “The Turbulences,” is made as a twisting prefabricated structure covered with an anodized aluminum shell. The building will house a permanent art collection, along with temporary exhibitions, educational laboratories, a documentation center, a garden, cafeteria, a library and an auditorium.

The hybrid structure unfolds in three growths of glass and metal, manifesting the idea of emergence and organic evolution of space. The architects redesigned the courtyard by treating it as a topographic relief which extends into the city in a single organic movement. The addition forms an example of “moving” architecture, in line with the nature of architectural experimentation conducted at FRAC Centre.

The exterior of the building acts as a blank canvas for an interplay of lighting effects carefully choreographed by the artists of Electronic Shadow. The artists dress the building with texture diodes which combine image material and information. An illuminated sign facing the city and providing info on the FRAC Centre’s program adds to the urban appeal of the structure.

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Images by Nicolas Borel via FRAC Centre’s Facebook page