Jay Leno is known to have quite the car collection – around 100 in all, not including 90 motorcycles – but until recently, he didn’t own an electric vehicle! But after publically claiming skepticism about the cleaner cars, the late night host has announced his love for his 2011 Chevrolet Volt.  In fact, since December of last year, Leno has used his Volt to drive the 35 mile commute from his home in Burbank to work, racking up around 11,000 miles – all without ever visiting a gas tank!

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When offered the first 2011 Chevy Volt, Leno politely replied “no”- but later was among the first buyers when the electric vehicle went to the consumer market.  Since the Volt’s full charge has an electric driving range of around 38 to 48 miles, Leno makes his 35 mile trip to work each day powered only by the electric battery. The Volt is then plugged in upon arrival to the studio lot, giving the car a full charge for the ride home.

Leno’s Volt was delivered after purchase with a half tank of gas, which still remains in the vehicle. Impressing the car connoisseur, he bragged about his efficient vehicle to the New York Times, citing its endurance over the Nissan Leaf. Leno plans to use the Volt to make trips to Las Vegas from Burbank. The 280 mile trip would likely be supplemented with traditional fuel.

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