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The original Moritz Brewery was launched by a Catalan brewmaster in 1856. It shut down for 26 years before it was re-opened in 2004. Although the brewery’s main operations take place in Zaragoza, the Ronda de Sant Antoni location houses a boutique subterranean brewery and a long tin bar, along with a new museum and restaurant. Large skylights pump daylight indoors.

Taking excellent care to preserve the brewery’s antique brass equipment while still making them accessible to the public, Nouvel placed the shiny tanks behind glass walls adjacent to a tall vertical garden. This happy accident adds to the brewery’s mystique, but it also creates a lovely micro-climate. Thanks to Nouvel’s signature flair, Moritz has become as much a historical gem as it is a sweet spot to drink good beer.

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all images taken from the Fabrica Moritz flickr page