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Friesen is an award-winning professional photographer by day, but his LEGO-based artworks began humbly enough last year as a collaborative summer project with his daughter, June. Initially, Friesen was inspired to recreate a scene from his hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba. This led to The Great LEGO North series, which honors each of the 10 Canadian provinces. Disappointed that the fun ended so quickly, Friesen decided to tackle the 50 U.S. states. The 50 States of LEGO series proved so popular that a book based on the series, United States of LEGO, will be released in September 2014.

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Friesen just launched his Bricksy series on his website with accompanying reference thumbnails of the original Banksy works. As the site says, “Bricksy is an edgy, underground LEGO street artist. He is rumored to have inspired Banksy’s iconic works, or is that the other way around?” Classic images such as Kissing Coppers, Naked Man and Balloon Girl all get a 3D reimagining in LEGO form. Each work is accompanied by its own short story, such as, “Laugh now, but you’re paying $3700 a year for burnt coffee.”

8 x 10 prints from the series are available from The Brick Fantasticfor just $20. (The prints for sale do not include the original reference image.) United States of LEGO is also available for pre-order.

Via My Modern Met

Photos by Jeff Friesen at The Brick Fantastic