New York-based Jendretzki Design has proposed building an off-grid eco resort on NYC’s remote Rat Island. The design firm’s renderings show a series of prefab gabled cabins with ultra-large glass facades built on the island’s edge to provide stunning views of the ocean. According to the plans, the cabins and all buildings on site would be zero-energy, running on solar and wind power with rainwater collection systems.

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rendering of gabled wood and glass cabins on a island

Rat Island (originally named “Rattle Island” for the locals that stood on the small island with rattles to warn passing ships about the dangerous rocks) is a privately-owned, 2.5-acre island that is just off of City Island Harbor and the greater Long Island Sound. Mostly made up of Manhattan schist bedrock, the island was once used as a quarantine hospital during the typhoid fever scares of the 1800s, but it is now vacant of any buildings due to the fact that the rocky outpost becomes submerged during high tide.

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rendering of gabled wood and glass cabins on a island at dusk

rendering of wood cabins with glass walls

Despite its rocky terrain and low-lying stature, Pablo Jendretzki believes that the remote island would make the perfect spot for a serene eco retreat. “There is a small canal penetrating through the island that was carved out of the rocks about 100 years ago that we incorporated into the design so that canoes and small boats can arrive directly under the main building on high tide,” the studio said.

rendering of wood cabins with glass walls on an island

rendering of community of gabled cabins

According to the conceptual plans, the challenging terrain would require all structures to be built on concrete braces and piers bolted into the rocky landscape. The boutique retreat would be comprised of prefab wooden cabins with pitched roofs, all with living areas, bedrooms, a kitchenette and bathroom. Glazed facades would provide unobstructed views of the sea.

rendering of wood cabins

rendering of wood cabins with their reflections in water in front of them

The resort’s buildings would run on renewable energy, namely solar and wind power. The carbon-neutral structures would also have rainwater collection systems for potable and service waters. Additionally, the island’s waste would be directed to a compost treatment system. According to Jendretzki, the building plans are merely conceptual at the moment, but the firm is currently conducting zoning analysis to determine the feasibility of the project.

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rendering of gabled cabins on an island lit up at night