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This futuristic clam-shaped vessel is made from western red cedar planks taken from timber felled in Hooke Park forest. All other materials, including the copper rivets that hold the shell together, the copper trim, and the stove and chimney were sourced locally. In order to learn the necessary boat building and rigging techniques, the students took lessons from experts from industries in the nearby community.

“A Separate Place” appears to float in an iron-trimmed netting that is suspended with cables from the nearest trees. As a result of this adaptable construction, which ensures that the pod has virtually no environmental impact, the retreat sways ever so gently in the wind – kind of like the clinker boat after which it was modeled. As many as a dozen people have been able to huddle around the 4.5 square meter capsule, so it’s super sturdy. Thanks to the stove, this amazing woodland retreat can be enjoyed any time of the year!

+ Jesse Randzio

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