Due to rising fuel costs, traffic congestion and pricey taxi fares, commuters are always trying to find new, more efficient ways to get around. The Jetson E-Bike is a simple electric bike that can reach speeds up to 20 mph and has a 40-mile range per charge, which makes it perfect for your city commute. Even better, unlike most e-bikes that look pretty close to standard pedal powered bikes, the Jetson E-Bike looks like a stylish Vespa – and it starts at only $1,799.

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Just like a standard bike, the Jetson electric bike requires no license or registration to drive. Its lithium-ion battery powers a 500W electric motor and only takes four hours to fully recharge on a standard 110V outlet. If you decide that you want to actually pedal your bike, the Jetson bike offers both the “going electric” option and the classic bike and pedal experience, which also recharges the battery. If you want even more style, Jetson Bike has just announced the availability of several new “neon” colors like orange, pink, yellow, green, and purple.

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