I’m excited to announce that I will be speaking on the subject of “Greenwashing” at the PSFK Conference in New York City tomorrow in Union Square. The conference is about new marketing trends and ideas, and my particular panel, entitled “Eco-shift or Greenwash” will be moderated by Tamara Giltsoff, who works for OZOcar and writers for Treehugger.com. The other folks on my panel are Hemal Vasavada-Gill (TheEightfold.com) and Marc Alt (MAP & AIGA).

I probably should have announced this conference last week when tickets were still available – as the event is sold out now. Fortunately, however, for any of you who are interested in greenwashing and who can’t make this panel discussion, we will be broadcasting a video of the conversation on Inhabitat. So stayed tuned – and if any of you have thoughts / comments / questions about greenwashing for the panel tomorrow, please feel free to comment here on this post, or send them in to me.

+PSFK Conference