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Joel Rea, contemporary surrealist paintings, oil on canvas, Australian art, suit men, tigers paintings, makes you feel small

In his work, Rea captures the dynamic motion ofnatural elements, while inspiring a deep feeling of humility. He represents how small we are within nature, leaving us wondering who has the ultimate control in this world. Using slow-drying oil on canvas, his richly colored, detailed scenes come alive.

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Rea’s paintings look like stills from a vivid dream, where a man in a suit stands on an empty beach looking helpless, juxtaposed with the crashing waves that might end with his life at any moment. His cinematic new works include titles such as Resolution, The Final Pieces, Edge of the World, and The Time Has Come

If you want to see more of Joel Rea’s surrealist world, check his older paintings here.

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Photos by Joel Rea