Imagine you’re lost in the woods, having wandered off the hiking trail. It’s looking like you may have to bed down on some pine needles with what’s left of the granola bars, when your friend whips out a little device that looks like a small fan. What’s that? It’s the K3 Charger – a compact hybrid wind-and-solar power generator about the size of a flashlight. The handy green gadget allows consumers to recharge an iPod, cell phone, PDA, or other electronic device using renewable energy!

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The K3 Charger is a handheld device that lets you charge everything from a cell phone to an ipod or camera. The company claims that a fully-charged K3 can charge a mobile phone more than five times and eliminates the problem of buying power adaptors when you go to another country. Perfect for a variety of applications ranging from camping to emergencies to bringing power to off-grid locations, the K3 Charger is set for official release in June 2009.

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