Mazda’s aggressively styled KAAN concept vehicle represents an innovative foray into the future of racing. A finalist in this year’s Design Los Angeles Automobile Design Challenge, the all-electric car envisions a transit system where vehicles are propelled by roadways imbued with “a sub-level electro conductive polymer” powered by solar panel farms in the Mojave desert. The emission-free vehicle sports a sleek aerodynamic profile and is powered by electric motors encased within wheels infused with electric pickups.

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This year’s Design Los Angeles Automobile Design Challenge featured some incredible concept cars that sought to define the future of racing. What was remarkable about the competition was that the car designers needed to not only design the car of the future, but the actual racing system itself.

Whereas Mercedes Benz’ Formula Zero Racer proposed a race judged by speed and energy consumption, Mazda’s designers are proposing a vehicle that is powered by an electro-conductive polymer that has been resurfaced into the freeway. According to the designers, this would allow the vehicle to be propelled up to speeds of 250 mph with zero emissions.

The team created a series of sleek vehicles that race in groups in order to improve the aerodynamics of the team. The tighter that they are to each other, the faster that they will go, and the design of the vehicle reflects this, with the cockpit safely housing the driver, while the rather large electric motor-driven wheels propel the vehicle to victory.

+ Mazda KAAN

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