While New York City managed to remain relatively unscathed by the first big snowstorm of the year, we’re still facing a bigger and even scarier emergency – a major shortage of kale. In an effort to prepare for what was being called a historic blizzard, many New Yorkers stockpiled basic supplies recommended to go off grid for days if necessary. But for those determined not to skimp on their superfood intake while they waited out the storm, kale was in high demand and short supply, as documented by lovers of the leafy greens on social media networks.

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Although most looking to survive snow storms tend to shop for the recommended basics such as batteries, milk, bread, etc., true NYC survivalists cleaned their local supermarkets out of the trendy green. According to CBS News, some tweeters were fraught with anxiety on Monday over the lack of kale left on stores throughout the city.

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Twitter user Kat Kinsman tweeted a photo of the normally abundant kale box sitting empty in one Whole Foods‘s veggie aisle while another user pleaded for UN airdrops of kale and quinoa. Yes, people, it was not only kale that has been wiped out by the fearful hordes of health nuts, but everybody’s favorite grain as well. Will this horror never end?

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