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In addition to the hills of Taiwan, the building also takes inspiration from the birds of the region. Incorporating far more hues than just green, the planted roof’s color palette echoes the bright feathers of the native birds that could very well stop to perch there. Besides lookin’ pretty, the vegetative carpet would insulate the inside of the center, cutting energy usage. The building was also oriented in a way that would make it easy for the area’s dominant north wind to pass over it with the least resistance.

“In essence, the Kaohsiung Port and Cruise Service Centre symbolizes the urgent need of balancing economical and environmental interests globally, as well as locally in the port of Kaohsiung,” explains Kubota & Bachmann about the proposal. The architects envision the green building as a way to raise public awareness about Taiwan‘s hopes and goals to protect its environment.


Planted roofs insulate buildings allowing them to cut down on energy usage. They also minimize storm water runoff and clean the surrounding air.

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