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The disco Energy Floors can be made to any size, as each modular tile has its own generator that collects and stores energy as dancers step on it. Whether an entire nightclub floor or just a few tiles, the energy collected can be used to power up nearby devices, sounds systems or even the LED lights in the tiles themselves. In San Francisco, the Temple Night Club has a permanent Energy Floor installed, constantly harvesting the wasted energy from their customers.

Each Energy Floor tile creates electricity by moving ever so slightly when stepped on- just 10 mm. That small movement activates the generator, which cranks of up to 35 watts of electricity. After a night of hard dancing in a packed club, the Energy Floor has the capability of producing enough renewable energy to significantly offset the utilities for the evening. Each dancer can create 5 to 20 watts of energy over the course of an evening.

By adding an Energy Floor to a dance club or exercise class, the forgotten energy from the simple act of taking steps is activated, helping to reduce carbon emissions with dance. The floors can even be rented for a special event, letting guests create their own renewable energy experience.

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