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Architects began the project by adding on a mixed-used addition to the existing education center, which accommodates up to 360 students. The Kollaskolan addition was built as a supplement to the existing building and strategically placed to create an expansive, open-air schoolyard. Colorful fiber cement cladding covers the schoolyard facade in a vibrant, playful pattern. As the new heart of the school, the playground not only provides a connection between the new and old buildings, but also provides a creative outdoor environment for the students as well as the teachers.

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From the beginning, the project was focused on implementing a number of passive strategies. With the objective of meeting Sweden’s strict passive house criteria, the school is required to use less than 45,0 kWh/sqm of energy per year. However, by using a number of energy efficient strategies such as superior insulation and durable cladding, the newly renovated school will use only 38,0 kHw/sqm annually.

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