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Way back in October 2005, Sayeg founded Knitta Please, a collective of yarn bombers who set to work covering mundane urban objects like parking meters, street signs and lamp posts with colorful yarn. Fast-forward seven years, and Sayeg is still at it, but with time her projects have grown more ambitious and audacious, covering whole cars, buses and motorcycles with yarn.

Like any form of graffiti, there’s a subversive aspect to yarn bombing, but it’s also the rare form of street art that property owners don’t seem to mind (after all, yarn is easier to remove than paint), and in fact, they often embrace it. Sayeg has been working on some large commissioned works recently, including the massive “Plan Ahead” installation beneath the Williamsburg Bridge in New York, covering the AC ductwork of’s headquarters in Brooklyn, and a solo show in Rome. She has also gotten into the iPhone game, selling knitted iPhone covers through her website.

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