Recently supercar company Koenigsegg revealed that it has obtained a controlling interest in Saab, and according to a Swedish website, their plan is to not just keep Saab running, but to use its facilities to manufacture the solar powered Quant supercar in the near future. The Koenigsegg Quant is a fully-electric four person solar powered vehicle with a top speed of 170 mph, and a 0 to 60 speed of around 5.2 seconds. The entire body is covered in a photovoltaic thin-film solar coating designed by NLV that powers the vehicle.

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Koenigsegg is currently a small car company with a very limited production – in fact, one of the big issues stopping them from producing cars in large numbers has been their lack of a facility to build them in. Koenigsegg’s deal with Saab suggests that the supercar manufacturer will start rolling out its cars in greater numbers, and we can’t wait to see the vehicles on the horizon.

The most impressive feature of the Koenigsegg Quant is the vehicle’s Flow Accumulator Energy Storage (FAES) system. The FAES has no hazardous materials or heavy metals, and according to NLV in can be charged in just 20 minutes to full capacity. The range of the vehicle is a whopping 500 km.

When we first heard of the Quant, we figured that it was a great concept, but would never really make it into production. Well, if Koenigsegg’s plans for Saab come to fruition, we may actually see this on the streets sometime soon.

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