Konica Minolta’s new Symfos LED Tasklight features a built-in pad that can wirelessly charge your mobile phone! The new lamp shows how everyday products can be transformed into brilliant multi-use gadgets. In addition to its function as a wireless charger, the lamp has a sensor that enables the user to switch between four brightness settings.

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Konica Minolta’s Symfos Tasklight is designed to provide optimal glare-free lighting. It allows for a precise control of light, so it can illuminate a workspace without flickering and casting multiple shadows (typical of some LED lights). According to Konica Minolta’s specifications, it provides brightness up to 1,400 lux while keeping power use to a minimum – the electricity bill for 12 hours at 630 lux mode is only a single cent.

At a price of 24,800 yen ($302), the 1.5-foot-tall lamp may be too costly for most. However, its diverse functions and minimalist design, along with innovative charging options, make it the first of its kind. It is available in two colors: ivory and a dark shade of blue.

+ Konica Minolta