If you like the raw, unplugged sound of acoustic music, how about amping up the volume of your iPhone with a set of speakers that can also deliver music in the same vein? That’s right, with no electricity needed, the Koostik is a handmade wooden speaker system that forgoes the use of any electronics, instead using its material and form to take the sound of your iPhone to new, energy free heights.

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Koostik resembles the shape of other iPhone docking stations, but unlike its carbon heavy peers, the Koostik has been handmade out a variety of woods by a woodworker named Jim. The wooden speakers work off the same principle of an acoustic guitar – where strumming guitar strings on their own creates a subdued noise, but when placed them over a hollow body the sounds are much more apparent. Koostik follows the same basic principle, using a hollow body device that amplifies the sound coming out of the iPhones internal speaker with no batteries – the only energy being used is from the battery of your iPhone.

Unfortunately, Jim only makes the device for iPhones right now, and since iPods don’t have speakers, it won’t work for them either. However, the Koostiks do come in a variety of woods and colors and all are handmade and unique (no word on if the wood is FSC certified or sustainably harvested). Prices of each system ranges from $85 to $90 depending on what wood you choose.

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