Best described by the designers as “a single zigzag line of light,” Janos Korban and Stefanie Flaubert’s Weblight is as visually arresting as it is energy efficient. Constructed of stainless steel tubing and polycarbonate, the “zigzag” is lit by a series of LED’s, whose use for artistic purposes we find clever and refreshing. It’s also great to see the intersection of technology, design, art, and function – Korban/Flaubert’s Weblight is both functional object and installation, high-tech and simple all at once.

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The Weblight system is also an interesting modular take on lighting- based on a single geometric unit, Weblight can be displayed individually, or in a larger chain or group. We love how something so simple and geometric becomes so freeform and organic. And thanks to the miracle of LED’s, there’s no need for tangled extension cords. +Korban/Flaubert