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La Ferme Musicale Vertical Farm, SOA, HoldUP, vertical farm, darwin ecosysteme, bordeaux, urban farming

La Ferme Musicale = also known as Ferme Darwin – is a concept for a vertical farm and cultural center in Bordeaux. Darwin Ecosysteme has been working on a larger project to build a sustainable community in Bordeaux, and the vertical farm is one aspect of it. The facility addresses health, food, and ethical and social concerns and provides space for people to gather together to celebrate food and life. Passersby and members of the community can learn more about sustainable food production, and the venue is suited for parties, events and concerts.

La Ferme Musicale is designed to transform the remains of a warehouse into an educational gallery, a stage, community rooms and growing facilities. Above the ground floor, a series of lightweight steel structures house the growing facilities. This greenhouse is set on top of a stone ruin, which contains the utilities and equipment necessary for production. La Ferme Musicale will take advantage of auto-regulated water-efficient devices, solar energy, and organic farming methods to produce local food. The facility will also employ local residents and give back to the community in more ways than one.

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