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Although flat, Abaddon’s paper works buzz with movement, thanks to the optical trickery caused by the vibrating edge of contrasting colors. The complicated pieces begin simply, as paintings, paper and 35mm photographs. Using each image itself as a medium, Abaddon has the innate capability of fusing imagery together to make an entirely new, cohesive piece.

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Using traditional weaving techniques, the artist slices the source photos into tiny equally space strips, before beginning to weave them together. With tape holding the pieces together while she works, Abaddon carefully weaves the paper strips together, making sure they are tight enough to hold. With the precision of her fingers, she weaves detailed and varying patterns into each piece, all the while keeping perfect spacing as if in a textile.

Using only the colorful prints of paper, Abaddon is able to make incredible dimensional pieces, that are as flat as the paper they are made from. The pieces are then framed with edges showing, letting viewers see evidence of her handiwork. Her new body of work, called Fractal Realities, will be on display Castor Gallery in New York from February 26-March 29, 2015.

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