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Lori Nix, dead cow, dead cows, poisoned cows, poisoned water, chemical spill, poison, dying animals

Lori Nix’s evocative photographs of decaying power plants, flooded towns, falling Zeppelins and dead livestock, are both eerily familiar and weirdly surreal. Her two-headed dog photo (below) is creepy yet sort of hilarious. These miniature landscape photographs were created in 2007, and seem almost prophetic in their illustration of ecological and man-made disasters. Since then we’ve seen cataclysmic superstorms (Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Katrina, Typhoon Haiyan), massive chemical and oil spills, and global crop failures, not to mention the widespread havoc that climate change is wreaking.

Lori Nix, three-headed dog, mutant dog, mutated animals, ruined farm

Life often imitates art, and Nix’s haunting photos could very well be the landscapes we’ll look out over if humans continue down the path we’ve been on to date. Sure, most of us are stepping up our game and living more eco-friendly lives, but if we don’t increase our efforts, we might very well end up with two-headed dogs roaming our barren backyards.

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