Food deserts and the often exorbitant prices of healthy fare leave low income and working families with few options to feed their families. Everytable is a grab-and-go cafe opening up in downtown and South Los Angeles that will break that mold and offer healthy food with fresh ingredients at an affordable price.

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Founders Sam Polk and David Foster also run Groceryships, a nonprofit which offers cooking classes and fresh produce gift cards, yet kept getting feedback from families who are often too busy to cook. Instead of families having to rely on the golden arches, the team decided to start a grab-and-go cafe that would reflect fast food’s pricing, but not its offerings.

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Everytable’s prices in South Los Angeles will range from $3-$4, while the downtown spot will cost around $8 for a meal. Each cafe is designed to be profitable on its own, but those who can afford higher prices downtown can dine knowing they are supporting cheaper prices for people in areas who can’t. The food, which includes dishes from Cajun blackened fish to kid’s spaghetti squash with turkey-quinoa meatballs, is prepared at a central kitchen, cutting costs for the cafes.

The plan is to have 10 to 20 restaurants open by the year 2017 and then to expand Everytable to other cities. Polk told Fast Company, “We really started digging into this problem of food deserts, and we believe we’ve created a model that has the potential to bring healthy food to every neighborhood in the country. We’re excited to do that as quickly as we can.”


Via Fast Company

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