The Hollywood and Highland intersection in Los Angeles is losing its notoriety as the most dangerous intersection for pedestrians after introducing a crosswalk “scramble.” The design gives the road entirely to pedestrians, allowing them to even cross the street diagonally when it is their turn. Amazingly, the number of accidents has plummeted since the overhaul just six months ago.

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The scramble, or Barnes Dance, is not a new idea. First popularized by Henry Barnes in the 1950s, the engineering device is making a comeback to the most congested parts of the country. Los Angeles is known for its bustling streets and sidewalks filled with cars, pedestrians, and lollygagging tourists – which all creates a recipe for disaster. Before now, there are on average 13 crashes per year at the intersection.

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Since the scramble was introduced, there has been only one, non-injury crash between cars at Hollywood and Highland. The design works wonders for both kinds of travelers, giving each their own time and space to navigate the road without worrying about the other getting in the way. According to Gizmodo, Los Angeles is moving toward making its intersections safer through its Vision Zero initiative. Some of these upgrades may be more scrambles, but at $100,000 a pop each intersection will need careful evaluation and time to implement the changes.

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