Who says 3D printers are only for tech nerds and engineers? Traditional craftsmen may take want to join the 3D revolution after getting a load of LAYWOO-D3, a 3D printer material that is made from 40% recycled wood held together with polymer binding agents. It can be loaded into printers as a thin filament, and once it’s printed it resembles pressboard. Now objects made using the most advanced technology can have the smell and feel of natural wood!

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Forget ban saws and belt sanders – now you can print your plywood to exact specifications on the first try. Created by inventor Kai Parthy, LAYWOO-D3 is a 3mm filament that can be used in RepRap (or other similar) printers. It can be sanded and carved, and the final products vary in color depending on printing temperature, giving the impression of natural variation and “tree rings”. It’s also guaranteed to be warp-free, and a heated printer bed is not required. While not a replacement for hard wood, the material is a new alternative to the plastic substrates used in most 3D printer technology, and it’s an innovative new way to recycle wood waste.

Made in Germany, LAYWOO-D3 is currently available on eBay or the RepRap website for around $19 USD. Supplies seem to be very limited, so we expect to see some amazing new wooden printed masterpieces coming soon!

Via Shapeways