UK-based Lazerian Studio transforms simple sheets of recycled cardboard into beautiful furnishings, giving the material a new lease of life. A collaboration between furniture designer Liam Hopkins and artist Richard Sweeney, the duo showcased several stunning projects at Milan Design Week, including their Radioleria sofa, which is inspired by intricate natural forms such as wasps nests and sea organisms.

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LAzerian, Design, Milan, 2010, Designersblock

We caught up with Lazerian Studio in person at the Designersblock exhibition in Milan this year. By carefully cutting and folding sheets of cardboard recycled from their factory, the designers are able to create intricate sculptural forms that are structurally stable enough to be used as furnishings.

Lazerian, Designersblock, Milan, 2010, Design, Lights

Cardboard is not the only material that Hopkins and Sweeney are capable of transforming — their Borealis lampshades and Mensa coffee table are created from CNC machined plywood, showcasing the designer’s skill in pushing a wide range of materials to their sculptural limit. The designers aim to create minimal waste through their use of repeated forms.

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