Forget about dining inside a fancy restaurant, nowadays it seems like all the good Bay Area food is being served up on wheels. With the Street Food Festival in full swing, and a fleet of gourmet gocarts at Off the Grid, we’re all about chasing down delicious downsized grub. But here’s the latest addition that gives a new spin on the the food cart frenzy – meet the Le Truc, a 1989 ford Ward School Bus turned bus resuaturan or “bustaurant.” Already gaining popularity, next week Le Truc will claim their permanent parking spot at 470 Brannan Street.

Of all the ways to repurpose a smoggy old school bus, this is among the best. The bus has undergone a burly professional buildout – the inside has two long comfy benches for eating on the go, while the back half has been fashioned into a commercial-grade kitchen. The conversion also includes skylights, for some lovely natural light, and some high-quality appliances and classic detailing.

So far a number of other bustaurants have already begun to emerge locally, and we’re hoping that they can eventually combine their efforts with various bus top gardens to get some real sustainability going.

+ Le Truc