Canadian fashion brand Canada Goose has announced that it will be ending the use of fur in its products by the end of 2022. As one major fashion brand still manufacturing products using animal fur and feathers, the company has been under immense pressure to stop the practice. In a statement, Canada Goose has announced that it will be ending purchases of fur by the end of this year and will stop manufacturing fur products by the end of next year.

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Barbara Cartwright, the chief executive of Humane Canada, has welcomed the move, saying that it places the company as a leader in terms of championing animal rights. “We applaud Canada Goose’s commitment to end the use of all fur by late 2022 and the leadership position they are taking in their industry,” Cartwright said, as reported by MSN.

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Claire Bass, the executive director of the Humane Society International/U.K., also praised the move, saying that it is a huge blow to the fur trade.

Canada Goose is one of the world’s leading brands that has come up short in the war against using animal products in the fashion industry. The company, which was founded in Toronto in 1957, has faced legal and conservation battles for over a decade. Animal rights organization PETA has long been campaigning to stop Canada Goose from using fur in its products. PETA staged a protest outside the company’s New York store in March, a move that is believed to have influenced the decision.

PETA and its affiliates are suspending their international campaigns against Canada Goose today, after years of eye-catching protests, hard-hitting exposés, celebrity actions and legal battles, as the company has finally conceded and will stop using fur — sparing sensitive, intelligent coyotes from being caught and killed in barbaric steel traps,” the organization said.

While PETA has celebrated an end to the use of fur, the organization still wants to re-engage with Canada Goose over the use of feathers in its products.

Canada Goose’s decision to go fur-free is seen as a step in the right direction, as several major fashion brands have already made the same move. Fur is less fashionable today, with brands such as Prada, Gucci and Versace having already stopped the use of fur in their products. London Fashion Week has also banned far products on its catwalks, making fur less appealing.

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