A leaked draft of a report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that the world must take significant action to stop the climate crisis. Intended for later release as the third part of the IPCC’s report published on Monday, the leaked draft shows that greenhouse gas emissions must peak within the next four years and coal-powered plants must shut down in the next decade to avoid a complete environmental breakdown.

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According to the report, the world’s rich are the most responsible for climate change. Practices such as driving fuel guzzlers and eating meat are also noted in the report as areas for change. To this end, lifestyle changes such as embracing walking or cycling and avoiding animal products are encouraged.

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“A shift to diets with a higher share of plant-based protein in regions with excess consumption of calories and animal-source food can lead to substantial reductions in emissions,” the report stated.

The leak is a part of the sixth assessment report, which is divided into three parts. The three parts addressed by the report are the physical science of climate change, the impacts of climate change, and ways of reducing human influence on climate change. The first part of the report was officially published on Monday. The IPCC wanted to wait until late next year before publishing the report’s now leaked third section. Reportedly, the scientists who leaked the draft fear that if it is published later, some important recommendations and findings may be altered.

The leaked part contains vital information on the actions that must be taken globally to fight climate change. For instance, it points out that up to 45% of all emissions are contributed by just the top 10% of emitters — the wealthiest 10%. This amounts to 10 times the emissions created by the world’s poorest 10%, which contribute 3-5% of the emissions.

Scheduled to be published in March 2022, this report was leaked via the Spanish branch of the Scientist Rebellion. The leak was first published by Juan Bordera in the Spanish online magazine CTXT.

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