A coalition of 100 Least Developed Countries (LDC) is raising concerns over the slow rate at which developed countries are implementing their promises to reverse the climate crisis. The LDC group wants richer countries to commit to more concrete climate mitigation measures at the Cop26 Summit later this year.

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Cop26 will be the most important climate meeting after the Paris Agreement of 2015. Hosted by the U.K., the meeting is expected to bring world leaders together to discuss key climate matters that could determine the world’s future. Leaders from Cop26’s LDC group are already discussing their concern over developed nations’ lack of commitment to climate action.

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Chair of the LDC group for Cop26, Sonam P. Wangdi of Bhutan said: “Despite Covid understandably taking the headlines, climate change has been getting worse over the past year as emissions continue to rise and the lives and livelihoods on the frontline suffer.” Wangdi added, “We vulnerable countries are not asking for much – just that richer countries, who have caused this problem, take responsibility by cutting their emissions and keeping their promise to help those their emissions have harmed.”

The LDC group has already published five demands, among them a call for richer governments to strengthen national plans to cut emissions, provide $100 billion per year in “climate finance” to developing countries, and bring the Paris Agreement to full effect. One of the major talking points at Cop26 will be the failure by developed countries to live up to their 2009 promise of providing $100 billion per year in funding to poor countries by 2020.

“Developed countries are currently not pulling their weight or keeping their promises on their obligations to provide climate finance. Like any negotiation, you need to have faith that pledges and commitments will be met,” said chair of the Africa group of negotiators Tanguy Gahouma-Bekale of Gabon.

Some developed countries, such as the U.K., have even cut their support to poor countries. This week, MPs voted to cut the U.K.’s foreign aid by a third, from 0.7% of GDP to 0.5%.

LDC leaders say that these actions demonstrate a lack of responsibility. They demand the world’s richest nations be held accountable for the adverse effects of pollution since they are responsible for the majority of emissions worldwide.

Via The Guardian

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