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The ingenious Link Solar Power Skyscraper is designed to serve a number of functions. While providing an administrative center for the Venice and Veneto areas, it will house a number of energy generating services. With a foundation that will provide a geothermal energy source, the top of the tower will receive additional energy-generating sunlight from sun-tracking mirrors placed in newly-created surrounding parks. A breathable skin will encapsulate the building, containing the structure while working with the natural ventilation potential of LinkSPS’s coastal location. With the multitude of energy-generating technologies utilized, LED Architecture intends for the building to be “energetically self-sufficient” with no CO2 emissions.

Container-like structures placed along the connection between Marghera and Venice are proposed to provide student housing, a library, space for existing maritime services, a promenade, and a connection to a new Central Train Station for Venice. Minimal and starkly modern, LED Architecture proposes that these structures would hold LED screen facades that could be used — they suggest “recreate the Gran Canal spatial definition through the representation of ancient Venetian archetypes — defining a link with the preexisting city.” Illustrations for the development also suggest that somewhat less classical soccer matches and Coca-cola could also be shown on the buildings expansive screens.

The proposal stands far apart from the common public perception of Venice, yet it does offer a multi-faceted approach for making a more social, productive space connected to the historic city. While some might scoff at such minimal modernity in a treasured location, the architects are careful to note”LinkSPS is not to be considered as a new door to the ancient city of Venice. It is an urban fluid system. LinkSPS enables the new area to be connected internally and to also connect itself to the other European cities. LinkSPS expands the limits of Venice.”

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