The holidays are just around the bend! For all you holiday planners with decorating on the brain, make sure to light up your holiday nights this year with the greenest Christmas lights available .

LEDs use 10% the electricity of incandescents, and are 90% more efficient than their old-school tungsten counterparts. They’re perfect for strings of holiday lights, because they don’t get hot, they last forever and when one burns out, it doesn’t take the whole chain with it! You’ll get a full 100,000 hours out of most LEDs, they’re made with less nasty chemicals, and come in all kinds of festive shapes! What more could you ask for? Read on for some suggestions on where to buy…

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SNOWFLAKES!!! $17.38 for 35-bulb string from Environmental Lights

‘WARM’ WHITE LIGHTS $18.39 for a string of 35 from Environmental Lights

Multi-Colored Wide-Angle lights $12.99 for 50-bulb string from

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WINTER STAR BURSTS $180 for 80 lights in 8 strands from Christmas Lights Etc

While some criticize LED color rendering for being too blue or “cool,” some companies have engineered their holiday lights to mimic the traditional warm tungsten bulbs- so you don’t have to lose that warm holiday glow.

There are many other cool designs out there as well. We’ll be sure to bring you a second installment of LED as the holidays get closer… but the early bird catches the worm so get “glowing!”

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