The initial LEED-certified project by The Procopio Companies was completed in conjunction with DMS Design as the design architecture and CUBE 3 for interior design to analyze materials for sustainability. The result is Caldwell, a high-rise, mixed-use and multi-family apartment complex in Lynn, Massachusetts with 259 units.

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The top of a large skyscraper building with a pool on the roof

The area sits just north of Boston, but draws in arts and culture enthusiasts from near and far Caldwell was designed to meet the highest standards of sustainable design, from minimal site impact to the interior design. 

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A community room with sofas, chairs, table and a bookshelf against the wall and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling

“We’re extremely proud of this impressive accomplishment, as there are few residential buildings in the state of Massachusetts that are certified LEED Platinum,” said Michael Procopio, LEED AP and CEO of The Procopio Companies. “This may be our first LEED-certified project, but it certainly won’t be our last. Our team has learned a tremendous amount through this building process, making Caldwell a benchmark for our future projects as it relates to sustainability and protecting our environment.” 

A gym room with a rock climbing wall and fitness machines

Caldwell not only sets the standard for The Procopio Companies and new owners The Green Cities Company, an ESG/sustainability-focused company, but for all architecture in the area and beyond. The structure was built from responsibly-sourced reclaimed wood that was certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. 

The mailroom of the Caldwell building has orange booths and tables

Inside, air quality is ensured through an individual ventilation system that provides continuous fresh air. Similarly, building and interior design materials were chosen for low emissions, including paint, flooring, wood and insulation. The builders aimed to focus on the future of the environment, but also to the mindset of the residents. They provided six electric car charging stations and an energy-saving automatic parking system.

A kitchen filled with LEED energy efficient stainless steel refrigerator, sink, oven and microwave

Of course, as a LEED-qualifying building, they also put an emphasis on energy-efficient design. Caldwell is equipped with smart thermostats and solar panels for power production. While Caldwell may not leave room for blocks of individual residential gardens, it does make use of the rooftop green space with a vegetable garden, potted plants and grassy area. 

A white-walled bedroom with a large white bed and a window on the wall beside the bed

“As architects, our job is to create places to live that fight the effects of climate change and design buildings that are as sustainable as possible,” said Dan Skolski, founder and managing principal of DMS Design. “With Caldwell, we were able to design a building that prioritizes its carbon footprint and is sustainable down to the studs, from an innovative structural system to all electric heating and cooling systems. It sets a new standard in the community for innovative, green building.”

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Images via Matt Surette and The Procopio Companies