The maker movement is king. To bring LEGO into the maker conversation, we introduce LEGO Music. With the idea, LEGO stores will carry Beatboards, a modified LEGO baseplate. By using capacitive sensing, kids are able to build their own interactive music pad using LEGO bricks. The bricks and baseplate are coated in conductive ink, making it possible to change the resistance in a circuit by simply adding and removing LEGO bricks. It’s simple: change the shape, change the sound. The Beatboard’s underlying technology is simple, consisting of a basic circuit board, a speaker, and enough wires for each note. So, the Beatboard can be adapted to any size from individual platforms to large-scale installations. ‘LEGO music’, invented by Esteban Cardona, along with Benson Rong and Andrew Kim, was awarded winner of the silver pencil at The One Show’s advertising competition and was shortlisted for Future Lions 2016 (part of the Cannes Lion Festival).

+ Esteban Cardona