Picture a group of children playing with their favorite LEGO set. Their imaginations will be running wild as they pop those little blocks together, building all kinds of structures and making the smiling characters take part in any number of cool adventures. In this particular LEGO set, huskies and polar bears frolic about on ice floes while folks with families fish in the water nearby. Now, picture those same kids pouring crude oil all over the scene for accuracy’s sake. Sounds horrific, doesn’t it? Well, it may not be all that far-fetched: LEGO’s partnership with Shell has toy sets and bricks branded with the oil company’s logo in one of the most inappropriate partnerships imaginable.

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The environmental devastation being wreaked by the petrochemical industry is absolutely horrific, and children are playing with toys branded with the very instrument of their future’s destruction—with imagery from one of the biggest polluters on the planet! Despicable. A recent YouTube video created by Greenpeace for theLEGO Block Shell campaign paints a very dark, oil-stained picture of the environmental impact of fracking, flaring, and deep sea drilling. Shell’s plan to drill in the Arctic poses a huge risk to that fragile ecosystem, as spills are inevitable and cause irreparable damage. You can follow the link below to sign the petition to get LEGO to drop Shell’s support and branding.

Everything is not awesome, LEGO. Not by a long shot.


+ LEGO Block Shell Campaign

+ Greenpeace LEGO Block Shell Petition

Images taken from the Greenpeace video clip

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