In a gracious attempt to help America’s next first family get a firm grip on the reality of climate change, actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio gifted Ivanka Trump a DVD copy of his recently released environmental documentary, “Before the Flood.” The future first daughter is primed to be a strong inside force in the Trump administration, with the 35-year-old and her husband Jared Kushner acting as key advisers to her father, President-elect Donald Trump. Ivanka has already been vocal about women’s issues, authoring a book on the topic, and there is reason to suspect she may have some influence over the Trump administration’s environmental policies as well.

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Reportedly, DiCaprio met privately with the president-elect’s eldest daughter to discuss environmental issues, which the actor has become a champion of in recent years through his nonprofit foundation and honorary position as UN Messenger of Peace. Media speculation has already toyed with the notion that Ivanka could become “the most powerful first daughter in history,” and in his capacity as an activist, DiCaprio grasped the opportunity to help educate her about the severity of climate change, something her father has mostly dismissed. During the meeting, according to aids from both sides, DiCaprio handed over a DVD of Before the Flood, the documentary he produced with National Geographic and released in October.

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The film streamed for free for one week in November on YouTube after its limited theatre debut in Los Angeles and New York City, and can now be accessed online through various platforms. The film paints the broad strokes of the effects of climate change and the importance of altering human behaviors in order to ward off the destruction of our planet. With any luck, DiCaprio’s personal gift will shed some light on issues that the president-elect has been denying for years. The real question is: will Ivanka become the Trump family’s voice of reason where climate change is concerned?

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