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An award-winning design, Juvet became a reality when Knut Slinning, its owner, discovered that the Norwegian government was spending a boatload of money to renovate portions of the country’s National Tourist Route. He then commissioned Jensen & Skodvin to construct ten mini-rooms out of soft, fast-growing pine on what was an old farm property, each with at least one wall of glass to emphasize connectedness with nature.

The hotel explores whether it is possible to build in nature without a huge footprint, and the rooms are practically bare on the inside save for a lamp, bed, and a couple of chairs. Although the bathrooms are painted canary-yellow, there are no wall hangings or other objects that detract from the spectacular scenery. Finally, the cabins are built on stilts to enable easy removal should that need arise, since, as Mr. Slinning notes, “we are only guests of nature.”

+ Jensen & Skodvin

Via Yanko Design, Welcome Beyond