Lex Pott, founded by a Design Academy of Eindhoven graduate, creates inspiring furniture out of processed, and not so processed, trees. His ‘Fragments of Nature’ collection consist of wooden tables and bookshelves made by mixing geometric timber boards with raw tree branches just out of the nearby woods. The mix of the industrial and the natural world, together with an inherent criticism of mass-produced items, makes his pieces sustainable and unique.

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Moved by the monotonous rhythm of the wood processing industry where a tree is stripped of its branches and converted into geometric standard forms, Lex Pott’s collection stands out and makes a point. Fragments of Nature’s tables have a flat industrial surface supported by a tree log with branches coming out as legs. His bookshelves are also made from pieces of nature, sometimes with mass-produced shelves topped by half a log, or made from a horizontally chopped tree that grows as high as a bookshelf.

Lex Pott’s biodegradable furniture reminds us exactly where the material comes from. Even though two industrial wooden tables might look the same, they never are, simply because they where once individual trees.

Photo © Lex Pott