Someday you may be able to pick up your smartphone, roll it up and put it in your shirt pocket. Or maybe you will decide to wallpaper your room in TV screens. LG is trying to make it happen with their incredible paper-thin OLED screen that rolls up, bends, and curves.

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LG is not the first company to come up with this type of display. Sony, Sharp, and Samsung have all rolled out attempts at this innovative design. However, the new design does indicate that LG also sees a future for these types of displays, whether customers will someday be able to “wallpaper” their wall with their TV or perhaps curve a display over the arm of your couch.

LG showed off the new display at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. The company is featuring a 25-inch curved display inside a car at the show’s “Auto Zone.” Throughout the week, LG promises to also show off a newspaper-like screen as well as a 55-inch paper thin TV, according to The Verge.

Flexible screen technology isn’t new. TheUniversity of Arizonabroke new ground by creating the first OLED screen for the Department of Defense in 2012. The screens are created by using advanced mixed oxide thin film transistors. The technology means that someday you may be able to toss your Kindle into your bag without worrying about scratching it — more like electronic paper than a TV screen.

Via The Verge

Images via LG