It’s been four years since LG Display unveiled their first curved OLED (organic light-emitting diode) televisions, and by the time this year’s CES rolled around, they were able to unveil seven new models. Now, at a press conference in Korea, the company has unveiled a mind-boggling 55-inch ‘wallpaper’ display that is just 0.97mm thick and weighs 4.1 pounds. This incredibly thin panel is possible as OLEDs do not require a backlight, and the electrical components are not contained within the TV itself. The entire piece can be mounted on the wall against a magnetic mat, which opens the possibility for televisions to become an even less imposing presence in living spaces. But, we can’t get too excited yet; the ‘wallpaper’ TV is, at this point, just a proof of concept—and should it make it onto the market, it is entirely probable that—much like its OLED TV predecessors—it will be prohibitively expensive.

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Image via LG Display

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