The Pikes Peak Hill Climb in Colorado is one of the most challenging race courses in the U.S. with its 156 turns and extreme elevation changes from 4,720 feet up to 14,110 feet. This year marked the first time in history that an electric motorcycle led its segment, as Lightning Motorcycles and Carlin Dunne managed to pull ahead of the competition with an all-electric superbike.

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Traditional gas-powered vehicles are usually at a disadvantage with elevation changes, which is why it’s no surprise that electric powered vehicles are gaining in popularity. Gas-powered vehicles have difficulties with extreme elevations since the air at higher elevations contains less oxygen, which is essential to traditional gas engines. Electric vehicles do not have the same oxygen requirements, which gives them the advantage at events like Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

This year Lightning Motorcycles and Carlin Dunne topped the two-wheeled segment with the electric motorcycle, which finished the race in 10 minutes and 0.694 seconds, which was just ahead of Bruno Langlois who clocked 10 minutes and 21.323 seconds on a gas-powered Ducati Multistrada 1200 S. This year was the first time that an electric motorcycle ever out-qualified a gas powered bike at the event.

Via: Endgaget

Photo: Jensen Beeler/Asphalt & Rubber