Lighting Motorcycles just raised the bar for green transportation as it shattered the land speed record for electric bikes. Rider Paul Thede clocked in a blazing average of 206.079 miles per hour at the Bonneville Salt Flats, and he said that he hit a top speed of 208.38 mph during his ride. The Southern California Timing Association run beat last year’s 173.388 mph record by a landslide.

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Lightning Motorcycles’ latest APS-Ω class electric motorcycle is its fastest yet. The speed demon is powered by a top of the line 345 Volt 11 kilowatt-hour safe LiFEPo4 nano phosphate battery pack. The streamlined bike’s speed sets it in a class with traditional fuel-powered motorcycles.

The record was broken this past Sunday at the track at Bonneville. The Lightning Motorcycle demolished the 190.6 mph record for electric motorcycles set earlier this year by Chip Yates.

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