Mobility company Lime has started testing an all-electric scooter with long-distance capabilities and a top speed of 20 mph, which it intends to introduce to its fleet soon. The company is known for its proactive approach to tackling climate issues with most of its vehicles running on electricity. 

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Lime targets at releasing several hundred Citra bikes in Long Beach, California, with the potential to increase to 500 depending on the available demand. Given that the company has a global customer base, the success of the project could be the start of an era for most global transport solutions providers.

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The Citra is specifically designed to offer long-distance rides thanks to the comfort it provides of an e-bike and the smoothness of a scooter. The Citra also has a swappable battery that is regularly charged by the company’s operations team. Given that it is specifically designed for comfort, it comes with a phone holder, a button horn, and turn signals. These features facilitate the easy operation of the bike while offering the rider the utmost comfort.

According to Lime President Joe Kraus, the Citra comes at the right time, since the world is experiencing record-high fuel prices. He is hopeful that more people will be looking for an alternative means of transportation. He says that customers who wish to save money in such a tough time should opt for transportation services such as those offered by Lime.

Lime currently has operations in Atlanta, Phoenix, San Antonio, and San Diego, alongside other cities across the world. Its operations had been cut in some US cities following COVID-19 constraints. Among the challenges that scooter mobility companies have faced over the period include local government restrictions and safety concerns. However, Lime has been able to recover from the harsh realities of 2020.

Last year, Lime raised $523 million in investment, a show of confidence among investors. It is now working on restructuring its bikes to attract even more riders who are geared toward climate protection.

With the introduction of Citra, it’s clear that Lime is targeting long-distance commuters. For a long time, scooters have been known to operate only within very short distances. With the comfort of Citra, Lime hopes to change the way the product is received across the US and other parts of the world.

Via The Verge, Inside EVs

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