People are paying more attention to what they eat right now than at any other point in history. There’s a lot more focus on organic ingredients, fresh ingredients and locally-sourced ingredients. At the famous Steirereck restaurant, you are surrounded by farmlands where the ingredients in your food are grown. Now, PPAG Architects have completed Sterock am Pogusch. This is an offshoot of Steirereck and it will take you into the Austrian Alps.

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A building with staggered height overlooking a grass field

Get to this amazing set of buildings through a pass that will take you through the mountains. You will see the farms surrounding the property and the buildings built right into the hillsides when you emerge on the other side. The restaurant expansion includes new catering areas, a fine dining area, a new fire kitchen, a farm store and a distillery.

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A dining hall underneath walls of glass

There’s a large new kitchen area with large prep and staff areas. There’s also a kitchen garden, which is tucked into a glass house for weather protection. The large glass house is a hybrid greenhouse and living space where people and plants live together in harmony. The living space has a sauna, fireplace and sleeping areas.

A lower floor with planters in front of a building

The glass makes it possible to see the beauty of the mountains all around, an incredible landscape that shows off the majesty of nature. There is sunlight everywhere in all the interior spaces, not to mention natural wood throughout. The wooden slat curtains can be used to control the flow of light and add privacy.

A dining hallway designed with wooden beams

Moreover, food is produced on-site and renewable energy is used for the electricity and the heating and cooling systems. The glass house can accommodate 20 overnight guests. Existing structures, including the 17th-century stone house, have been renovated carefully.

A food pantry with lights lining the shelves

The entire property is a tribute to nature, from the food people eat to the scenery that fills the eyes to the light, airy spaces and wellness features inside the house. This is what living in harmony with nature looks like, and it’s a design the world can copy.

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Images via Hertha Hurnaus